TSA Activities

From club meetings to group projects, the members of Johns Creek High School's TSA Chapter strive to collaborate with each other to gain leadership experience and participate in a myriad of STEM-related activities.

Outreach Program

Every Thursday, members of Johns Creek's TSA chapter help students at Autrey Mill Middle School with their own projects. Some of the events they worked on are Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, and the Junior Solar Sprint.

2016 State Leadership Conference: Achievements

  1. Fashion Design: 3rd Place
  2. Children's Stories: 3rd Place

2017 State Leadership Conference: Achievements

  1. Video Game Design: 1st Place
  2. Music Video Production: 1st Place
  3. CAD Architecture: 2nd Place
  4. Digital Video Production: 4th Place
  5. Webmaster: Top 10 Finalist